02 / Creating Advocacy & Building Product Loyalty


Advocacy is the goal for any software product that interacts with humans. Whether you’re building a website, a mobile app, or any digital technology that interfaces with people, the goal is to build product loyalty among users. This is done by moving the client up the loyalty ladder, starting with earning trust, then building loyalty, and ultimately earning advocacy.

In this episode, Sean and Joe discuss the different aspects of creating and measuring product loyalty and advocacy and then talk with Adam Bates from Amazon about how he works on creating loyalty within his own customer base.

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About Adam

Adam is a digital product leader with an entrepreneurial track record of envisioning and building experiences that transform how we live and work. A UX research and design expert, hands-on technologist, data cruncher, and energetic team-builder. Currently, Vice President of Product for FreshBooks, Adam has also led Product and UX for innovation groups at Amazon, Paychex, and Topspin Media.

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