03 / Using Gamification to Build User Experiences


Gamification is a means for eliciting specific behaviors from your users by depending on the premise that humans are naturally competitive. Some more than others, but competition is the basis for our economy and drives many of our behaviors whether we admit it or not.

In this episode, Sean and Joe discuss gamification as an important part of the system design process, and then have a great conversation with Gregg Gordon from SSRN.com about how they use gamification within the SSRN.com environment to both foster friendly competition and encourage users to increase their usage of the system by making it a pleasure to use.

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About Gregg

Gregg Gordon was the President and CEO of the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) for many years before transitioning to Managing Director of SRRN when the company was acquired by the Netherlands-based publishing company, Elsevier. SSRN is devoted to the rapid worldwide distribution of scholarly research in the social sciences and humanities fields. Thanks to their continued growth under Gregg Gordon’s leadership, SSRN now has a collaborative of more than 1.7 million users, nearly a quarter-million authors, and a database of over 682,100 articles contributed by scholars.

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