11 / Validating Products Through Design Sprints


The design sprint process introduces experimentation and the scientific method to the world of digital product development. Like experimentation, the process is not about success or failure. It’s really about validation, getting quickly to the point of success or failure with considerably less investment of time, resources, and money.

In this episode, hosts Sean and Joe catch up with Jonathan Courtney, co-founder and CEO of AJ&Smart, a 21-person product studio in Berlin, Germany. A product designer by training and trade, Jonathan commands attention not only because AJ&Smart has facilitated more than 200 design sprints since 2016 – and he about 100 – but because of the engaging, humorous, and impassioned way he talks about using the design sprint process to help companies that struggle with defining their product goals.

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Recommended Resources

Blitzscaling: The Lightning-Fast Path to Building Massively Valuable Companies, by Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh. 

About Jonathan

Jonathan Courtney is a Product Designer who helps some of the biggest companies in the world bring new products to the market, faster. He’s also the founder and CEO of AJ&Smart, an award-winning product design studio based in Berlin, Germany.

Catch Jonathan on The Product Breakfast Club, a podcast by Jake Knapp and Jonathan Courtney.

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