14 / Taking Design Beyond Today’s Conventions


The common understanding is that to be successful in today’s digital environment designers need to solve problems while building products that people want and need to use. While that may be the core of it, it’s only the core. There’s so much more to it these days. When we talk about interaction design, designing software products, and today’s rapidly emerging next-gen experiences, designers now need to think about what it means to learn, to adapt, and to change.

In this episode, Sean and Joe chat with Tim Wood. Tim wears a couple hats these days, one as Professor of Industrial Design and Interactive Design at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), the other as Design and User Experience Innovation Lead at Corning Inc. Playing in both sandboxes gives Tim the opportunity to engage in the private sector while peering beyond the horizon through the lens of higher education.

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Recommended Resources

About Face, by Alan Cooper. Tim’s review: “If you’re a designer or a design student, it’s a really powerful book and gets into all the details and ways to address interaction design.”

About Tim

Tim Wood is the Design and User Experience Innovation Lead at Corning Incorporated. With a focus on R&D, he’s developing new tools and technologies within the scientific informatics space for Corning’s research scientists. Tim is also a tenure track professor within Rochester Institute of Technology’s School of Design. During the school year, he’s a full-time professor where he works with graduate students and upperclassmen to integrate strong interaction design skills into their practice.

Tim is a 20+ year veteran of the software development, consumer electronics, and professional services industries. An internationally recognized thought leader, speaker, and author on the topics of design and user experience, Tim has built a proven track record as a hands-on solutions-driven designer.



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