57 / The Product-Led Organization


What does “product-led” really mean, and how can you leverage it in your personal practice and throughout your organization?

In this episode, Sean and Paul catch up with Terrence Liverpool, AVP, Consumer Bank Digital Product Manager at Synchrony Bank. Terrence brings a wealth of insights that come from working across the digital sector at companies such as Comedy Central and Nasdaq. Terrence is both an intrapreneur and an entrepreneur and he shares how product ownership is central to both roles.

Terrence also draws our attention to another key skill for product managers: intuition. He encourages PMs to question decisions that are made and then “dig deeper to get the story behind it all.” With changing business goals, it is also important to continually refocus on the big picture.

Tune in to this episode to hear all of Terrence’s insights, plus more on:

  • Sustaining two-way communication with stakeholders to prioritize the user experience
  • Leveraging your organization’s core values to guide long-term goals
  • Promoting customer advocacy through innovation

Terrence’s Recommended Reading:

Inspired: How to Create Tech Products Customers Love, by Marty Cagan.

Escaping the Build Trap: How Effective Product Management Creates Real Value, by Melissa Perri.

About Terrence

Terrence Liverpool is an innovator who loves tackling complex problems and building products from the ground up. He currently serves as Synchrony Bank‘s AVP, Consumer Bank Digital Product Manager where he is responsible for emerging digital products. Before joining Synchrony, Terrence worked as Senior Director, Digital at Emerald Expositions, and as Senior Manager of Marketing and Digital Communications at NASDAQ. He has also held positions with Publishers Clearing House (PCH) and Comedy Central. He has a passion for fitness, social entrepreneurship, and community development. Youth mentoring and education with organizations in NYC are particularly near and dear to his heart.

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56 / Lifelong Learners Propel Product 


In today’s episode of the Product Momentum Podcast, Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia, the Founder and CEO of Product School, shares his inspiration for Product School and its role in shaping the next generation of product leaders. Carlos has an unending passion for helping others succeed in the product space, and his enthusiasm is contagious!

The most successful and inspiring product leaders are all very curious and interesting people, but it can sometimes be difficult to find time in our busy lives for learning and self-improvement. Carlos shares strategies to make lifelong learning a reality.

“We are all creating the future together,” he says. Working towards product-oriented goals throughout your organization can eliminate silos and drive better customer outcomes. Likewise, sharing your insights and learnings with others can fuel long-term success in the industry.

Listen to hear more about:

  • Democratizing access to education in product management and more generally
  • Finding mentors, no matter what stage of your career you are in
  • Product managers as generalists and the importance of product-specific, on-the-ground experience if you are transitioning from a more specialized role
  • The future of product management now that the profession has gained traction and clarity

Carlos’s Recommended Reading

Product Chiefs podcast

The Product Book: How to Become a Great Product Manager by Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia and Josh Anon

Connect: Building Exceptional Relationships with Family, Friends, and Colleagues by David Bradford and Carole Robin

About Carlos

Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia is the Founder and CEO of Product School, the global leader in product management training with a community of over one million product professionals. Product School instructors are real-world Product Leaders working at top companies including Google, Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb, PayPal, Uber, and Amazon.

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