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Episode 5 – Human Experience in Products

As companies implement more technology and automation into their products and services, it’s all too common for them to forget that customers and users are human beings. We should always be thinking of the human side of technology and software, considering how our users feel, think, and how to best communicate with them, to give us an advantage in how to better serve them. In the end, what we’re really selling is experiences. In this episode, Sean and Joe talk with Kate O’Neill about her experiences with the internet and improving and humanizing the individual’s experiences with products. We look at tactics…

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Episode 4: Creativity

Creativity is an important part not only to the creation of a great product but also in solving problems around creating momentum with your team. In this episode, Joe and Sean talk with a renowned artist, Sebastian ErraZuriz about his experiences in creativity and technology. As always, if you have questions or comments, send them to [email protected] or [email protected], and of course thanks to ITX for producing and hosting this podcast. Joe: [00:02:08] Welcome to our Momentum podcast, here we talk about software products and innovation and how to build momentum, which you’re familiar with as we’ve had several conversations…

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Episode 3: Gamification and Quality User Experience

Gamification is a means for eliciting specific behaviors from your users by depending on the premise that humans are naturally competitive. Some more than others, but competition is the basis for our economy and drives many of our behaviors whether we admit it or not. In this episode, Sean and Joe discuss gamification as an important part of the system design process, and then have a great conversation with Gregg Gordon from about how they use gamification within the environment to both foster friendly competition and encourage users to increase their usage of the system by making it…

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Episode 2: Creating Advocacy

Advocacy is the goal for any software product that interacts with humans. Whether you’re building a website, a mobile app, or any digital technology that interfaces with people, the goal is to earn advocacy from the products users. This is done by moving the client up the loyalty ladder, starting with earning trust, the moving to building loyalty, then finally earning advocacy. In this episode, Sean and Joe discuss the different aspects of creating and measuring loyalty and advocacy, and then talk with Adam Bates from Amazon about how he works on creating loyalty within his own customer base. Read…

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Episode 1: Personas

Personas have been used by marketers for decades. They are valuable because they help everyone on your software product development team to empathize with the users of your products. A great persona is one that helps your team inform those subtle feature decisions that can inspire and connect with your users. In fact, an accurate persona that is representative of your users can make an impact on your product experience that results in a truly differentiated experience. In this episode, Sean and Joe discuss personas and their role in the software development process, and then proceed to interview Jeremy Durham…

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Episode 0: Meet your hosts!

Welcome to the first recording of our Product Momentum Podcast! In this episode, we introduce you to your hosts, Sean Flaherty, EVP of Innovation at ITX Corp., and Joe Hoffend, Director of Product Innovation at ITX Corp. Both Sean and Joe have dedicated the majority of their lives to solving complex technology problems for their clients and will discuss what it means for software products to have momentum in the world, and what it looks like when they do not. The concepts discussed in this episode will be recurring themes in episodes moving forward. We look forward to taking you…

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