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Building Product Momentum

Organizational momentum follows Isaac Newton’s first law of motion, otherwise known as the law of inertia. Once it gets rolling, it’s hard to stop. You can create momentum in business by inspiring the people in your ecosystem, but it is equally important to reduce the sources of friction that stand in the way of your vision.

If you work with digital products long enough, you will see all kinds of permutations of friction slowing down product development, stalling momentum and just plain getting in the way of getting a product shipped. This podcast explores the various aspects of what it takes to build Momentum in software product development. So if you have any kind of role that plays a part in building a software product, or are just interested in software in general, this is the podcast for you! Topics we will discuss, but are not limited to, include:

  • Having a product vision
  • Building an effective roadmap
  • Grooming your product backlog
  • Building user personas that are actually useful
  • Establishing Key Performance Indicators
  • How to listen to your users and implement feedback
  • Motivating your teams and your users
  • Building brand advocates

The hosts of the show have been working in software development all their lives, specifically with an interest in what is actual Innovation, and how do we accomplish that within software product development. We would love to hear from our listeners, if you have any feedback, or ideas for topics or guests, please email them to